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Indiana Auburn Serenity House Transitional Recovery Home

Serenity House Transitional Recovery Home

2438 CR 50
Auburn, IN - 46706


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About Serenity House Transitional Recovery Home

Provides a transitional substance abuse recover program for men and women who have substance abuse issues with alcohol and/or drugs.

At Serenity House, we view alcoholism (and other substance addictions) as an incurable disease that, left untreated, is almost always fatal (in some form). There is good news! It can be successfully treated. There may be two major components in this process, treatment, and recovery. Serenity House Inc. is not a medical facility; we do not address the treatment component. Our facilities and programs are dedicated to the recovery phase.
We do not define sobriety as just sustained abstinence. Decades of experience have shown the tragic flaw in this reasoning. We believe real sobriety is a state of remission that allows the person to live without the otherwise ever surfacing, mental obsession to escape the day-to-day realities of normal adult life through substance abuse. With the mental obsession relieved, the physical phenomenon of craving is not even an issue. The tools necessary to attain such a state of lasting remission are presented in the 12 step program, used extensively at Serenity House.

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