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About The Baltimore Station

Because typical institutional treatment programs last for only 28 days, most participants relapse after leaving. At The Baltimore Station, we have the knowledge and real-life experience to know it takes months of living in a highly-structured, therapeutic environment to learn and practice a new way of living. And this program works. At least 65% of the men who stay in our program for one month are still here six months later. After 18 months, most are living independently, gainfully employed and/or enrolled in college, and contributing members of the Baltimore community. Station graduates hold jobs at Baltimore businesses, nonprofits, museums, hospitals, and at BWI Airport.

Our nationally-recognized program incorporates three “traditional” programs under one roof:

28-day Program (Month 1) During this beginning stage of recovery, residents are required to “sit still” in order to look inward and concentrate on the roots of their addiction. From early morning until late at night, the majority of the day is spent in group and individual counseling, addressing immediate health issues, and receiving in-depth drug and alcohol education. Residents receive acupuncture treatment to help alleviate withdrawal symptoms, which often cause relapses.


Half-way House (Months 2 to 6) As the men become more stable, they can now focus on such life skills as job readiness, budgeting, education, and household responsibilities. They practice the skills they have learned, such as how to develop a network of support and making good choices.

The Baltimore Station carefully manages its funding support. We don’t duplicate needed support services, but form partnerships with other providers in the city. This approach to management achieves real results. In addition to the incalculable human savings of real recovery, we achieve enormous cost-savings to the Baltimore community. It costs the Station $39 a day to house, feed, and provide services to a resident – roughly half the daily cost of incarceration, and one-fourteenth of what our residents say they had been stealing daily to support their drug habit.

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